Saturday, June 4, 2011

getting healthier lately

 You only get one body, so take care of yourself.  Someone I work with said, "I'm gonna die, I might as well die happy" (referring to food).  This is true, but I explained to him that certain foods can cause diabetes, obesity, etc.  If you chose to eat the right things and use the right products, you could die healthy vs. in pain...dying in pain due to avoidable choices isn't dying happy in my opinion, i'd be thinking to myself "why didn't I change something sooner?!".  Anyways, here's some of the changes I've made and plan to make...
1- I've been eating LCHF (Low carb High Fat) since march 13th.  I follow the atkins way of eating since it has some structure.
2 - I've started to used sulfate free shampoo.  The one I started using is at Sally Beauty Supply called "hair one",default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH
3 - I try to consume products sweetened with stevia vs splenda, aspartame, etc when I can.
4 - I bought some sulfate free soap today!  The lady at sunflower market said that the sensitive skin formula or baby formula would be good for washing my face with! you can find the products cheaper on amazon!
5 - My "tooth soap" came in the mail today, soo much better for you than toothpaste.  check out the website:
"Common toothpastes could be filled with unhealthy ingredients. we have all been informed that we require fluoride to avoid cavities. Nevertheless, are you aware that fluoride is harmful in high quantities? Fluoride could aid prevent cavities in children, but adults have no need for it. Moreover, since most of us have no choice but to consume fluoridated water, even our children could likely be having all they need without adding it to toothpaste".
6 - Vitamins, i'm soo bad at taking vitamans!  seriously, unless i'm prego, my mind forgets all about them.  Since I drink a lotta water, I figured i'd try drinking my vitamans instead. , again, cheaper thru amazon
Changes to come....
1 - Natural makeup.  anyone know of a good natural makeup brand?  I was gonna start looking into the "Orgins" brand.
2 - Instead of giving my son sean Sean ovaltine in his milk, give him this:  NO SUGAR, sweetened with stevia - I always need to improve on adding in more exercise!I guess I'm kinda like a health nerd.  I want to find products that are safer and healthier for me and my family.  Thought I'd share with ya'll.
3 - Looking to try out natural deoderant, that's prob the last thing I'll change.  I work outside in the heat, so I'm worried I won't be able to find anything to stand up to the challenge...lemme know if you know of a good brand from personal experience :)

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