Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Vangriddle - low carb pancake sandwhich

I LOVE McDonalds McGriddles, to me, McGriddles and Mac Sauce are the best things about that place (not mixed together, of course!). BUT, my beloved mcgriddles are too high in carbs! This morning for breakfast, I decided to make some imposter mcgriddles aka 'Vangriddles' (the Van- comming from the first 3 letters of my name, duh!, haha), using a new pancake recepie I found through the atkins facebook page.  Here's the link to the pancake recepie: .
what you need to make 2 pancake sandwhiches:
- 4 small pancakes (the recepie makes just enough)
-2 egg rounds - To make my egg round, I have the metal circular egg cookers that you can cook your egg in, usually used with sunny side up/over easy to make them look pretty.  I poured the scrambled egg right into the ring sitting on the pan and it made nice round eggs. 
-2 round sasuage patties (jones mild natural)
-1 slice of  Tillamook medium cheddar cheese (1/2 slice for each sandwhich, i like using the tillamook because it's not processed, but it's conviently sliced for a sandwhich
-optional - sugar free maple syrup (to dip the sandwhich in)
voila!!  heres some pics:

the complete sandwhich!

 <---how it looks before putting the top on

some egg on the rings from using them this morning

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