Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two amazing articles

Tom Naughton - the maker of the movie that changed my life "Fat Head", has posted 2 awesome blogs in the past few days.  Check out the links:

this first article is about how Drs., among others, are catching on that fat is not the culprit of all of America's illnesses, in fact, it's the foods they've been telling us to eat for all of these years.
**I know reading this for some people still may not convince them to turn to a low carb diet, i know how shocked I was when I learned low carb was the healthy way to go.  To me, low fat and lotsa whole grains = healthy.  I would kinda consider myself the queen of losing weight.  I lost 100lbs in high school by following a mainsteam 'healty' diet. (and i'm back to losing weight, just not as much, due to my back2back pregnancies).  Man, i wish I knew then what I know now about what 'healthy' is!**

and this link is about how a woman found freedom from arthritis just from cutting out grains, breads, sugary sodas, etc.
**this is amazing to me.  Maybe not all arthritis would be eliminated going low carb, BUT, i'm sure many people would find freedom from meds going this route (in turn saving money on pills?) or maybe their pain wouldn't be as severe.  Who would have thought that way of eating could make you arthritic?!**

If you haven't already, check these out:
yes - these video links are are both by Tom Naughton.  This guy has soo much free time on his hands to do research and find out info for us! 

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