Friday, May 6, 2011

CLEAN atkins day/No foofoo friday!

I don't know about you, but for me, sweeteners are part of an everyday diet for me.  Today I'm making the commitment to have NO SWEETENERS, for ONE WHOLE DAY!.   It's already killing me.  I tend to have a piece of SF candy after every meal, i just crave the chocolate.  After my bacon and eggs this morning, my mind was thinking "chocolate time!", but i had to resist the urge.  Not to mention, i usually have starbucks sugar free syrup in my coffee, and soda and/or energy drink that is sugar free.  That's just too much daily sweeteners, and some of them are toxic after a long peroid of time.  It's hard, but I know I can do it....and I just tell myself a smaller body is in process!!
sooo, no SF candies, atkins bars/shakes, no sweetener in my coffee, and the list goes on, just clean foods today.  I'm hoping that after one day of doing this, i can do it AGAIN and that sweetened things will be a treat and not part of a daily diet.

If you are one of my non-low carb dieting friends, let this be a challenge to you as well, no sugar for a day!  Make sure you read the nutrition on packaging to steer clear!

**I've had someone say to me since i've posted this post "regarding the blog: Atkins is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb way of eating. I don't exceed my 3 non-caloric sweeteners a day (and count them as one carb and one sweetener) because that is what the "new book" says".  Well thank you, because for some reason, i didn't feel a need to count a sweetener as a carb if it said 0 carb, but I think that if i counted the serving of sweetener as a carb, that would help me out a ton!
It's just hard to stay w/in the 3 allowed a day because most energy drink are 2 servings!  I need to start bringing a coffee cup and green tea bags to work with me!**

I MUST NOT BE THE ONLY ONE ON ATKINS WITH THIS ISSUE THOUGH, it's good to have some light shed on it though :)

What I ate today:
-BREAKFAST: 2 eggs and bacon with hot green tea
-SNACK #1:     1 serving of macadamia nuts
-LUNCH:          Mcdonalds double cheeseburger, no condiments, pickles or onions, with lettuce and tomato
-SNACK #2:    salt and vinegar pork rinds
-DINNER:        steak w/ sauted onions and cubed radishes in butter with a salad (romaine, cheddar cheese, cucumber, 1 carb creamy ceasar)

It was kinda challenging the first half of the day, but this evening feels easier!  I'm happy I was able to do this.  I need to keep this up and keep better track of my sweetener count in the future.  It feels good to take control of my eating instead of my eating taking control of me. 

***the different colors in today's blog means I wrote those portions at different times of the day***.


  1. I am right there with you. No sweeteners today!! We can do it! Great blog by the way!!

  2. Great blog today!! I'm here with you, nothing sweet. But after reading your days worth of sweets, I'm amazed at the amount you were eating! I have a diet Sam's cola a day, that's about all the sweeteners I have. Well, I take that back, I made cole slaw Wednesday and used about 1/4 cup of Splenda in it, with vinegar and mayonaise. So you have really made me aware of what I'm eating, ever more so!!! Good for you!

  3. maybe this is why my weight isn't going as fast as i'd like. Forget 1 day of no sugar, I wanna do this longer! I guess I have about 5-6 sweeteners a day when I add it up, boo :(

  4. Trying to do this, but not sure if I can pass up the SF syrup in my coffee. hummmm .....

  5. Good job!! But I've gotta ask.. where are all of your veggies??!

  6. lettuce and tomato at lunch and salad, cucumbers, radishes and onions at dinner!